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Charlotte Grossman
Documentary Editor
(415) 789-0064

About this Storyteller…

Charlotte Grossman is a highly experienced editor and independent producer working in both film and video to create documentaries for television, theatrical trailers, narrative film and advertising. An excellent storyteller she has edited documentary programs, corporate videos, commercials, and feature trailers on a wide variety of themes—human health and medicine, art, advanced technology, major league sports, dance, theatre, wildlife, literature and politics. As an editor, Charlotte works collaboratively and effectively with producers and directors at all stages of production. She has been editing on the Avid since 1991. While Charlotte works with clients wherever projects require, her Woman’s Work Productions offers high-definition video production and full-Avid editing suite capacity, as may be required.

Her Project History…

2011 From Generation to Generation. Produced by Victoria Gamburg for Jewish Family & Children’s Services (JFCS). Editor and co-director, 10 minute documentary on the story of Jewish Russian immigration to the US following opening up of the former Soviet Union.

2011 Treble in the Kitchen. Produced by Candace Forest. Edited the trailer for a new TV series on cooking that puts music performance in the kitchen.

2011 Signal Port Creek Road. Editor of documentary on potential impacts of proposed harvesting of coastal forest area on surrounding community.

2009-11 Woman’s Work: Ordinary Women – Extraordinary Lives. Producer and director for independent documentary series work in progress:
* Woman’s Work: A Taste of Life—A Series in Six Courses (in production)
* Woman’s Work: A Miracle Every Hour (in production)
* Woman’s Work: Contemporary Quilt Artists—Doing it for Love and Money (in production)
* Woman’s Work: Breaking the Mold (in production)

2007-8 LifeWrap–Medical Education. Produced by Midwife Association for distribution via UN Edited four segments targeting different levels of international medical care provider community from rural midwives to medical center professionals. The focus was on a simple new technology to help eradicate loss of life by women during childbirth in developing countries.

2007 Concha: Rose of the Presideo – Light Opera. Produced for Candace Forrest, Viva Concha Productions. Editor for a 90-minute video from the three-camera shoot of the live performance of a fully produced light opera on an historic theme relating to the origins of San Francisco and a 10 minute promotional trailer.

2007 La Dredging de Paradise Cay. Produced four-minute musical homage to the dredging of an historical network of canals in Northern California.

2001-4 Woman’s Work: Making Quilts/Creating Art (Series Pilot). Produced, directed and edited by Charlotte Grossman – Woman’s Work Productions. Broadcast nationally in 70 markets through American Public Television (APT). Ten members of a group of an art quilters group live in the San Francisco Bay Area and meet once a month to critique each others work. Each woman works alone in her studio the rest of the time. This pilot program for the Woman’s Work series gives us an intimate look inside the artists’ workrooms as they think and create their works of art. The program investigates the process of making art and how a whole life’s experiences contribute to the process. This documentary is not only about fabric or quilting—Woman’s Work is about how women of today find their creative voice and self-validation through an amazingly creative and beautiful medium that is just beginning to get recognition as more than craft alone.  For clips and content please see 1 hour

2001 Coming of Age: Napa Valley. Produced for the Copia Wine and Food Museum. The story of the Napa Valley wine industry, this documentary film examines one of the most innovative areas for wine production in the world. The nature of this special place and the mixture of winemakers, young and old, has brought new life to the entire world of grape growing and wine production.

2000 Climb Against the Odds - Mount Fuji 2000.
Produced by Lynn Pearson. Produced for Applied Materials. Edited a four-part project, including: a 40-minute documentary, a video streaming segment and a corporate portrait made to accompany a photographic exhibit. The main documentary takes place in August of 2000, as a group of breast cancer survivors and daughters and friends of women who have died from this disease, have come to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji. Most of these climbers have trained hard for almost a year to be able make this arduous pilgrimage up famed Mt. Fuji.  The amazing footage witnesses the challenge of this climb, as these women tell us how they see this moment as representing how they have conquered Cancer. This effort was a joint climb between the Japanese and American survivors to raise awareness of this disease all over the world.

2000 The Promise of Play.
Produced by InCA Productions. Produced for the American Toy Institute . Editor of a three-hour series on the importance of “play”. Series premise is that all living beings that dream also need play in their lives. This examined the role of play in our relationships as children, parents, spouses, and workers. The series discusses the fundamental need for play and how people indulge in play, in all its diversity. The three shows are The Mother of Invention, A World of Your Own, and The Heart of the Matter.

1999 Rules to Ride on VTA. Produced by the Hispanic Education and Media Group (HEMG). Produced for the San Jose Valley Transit Authority. Editor of a 20-minute "made-for-the-classroom" project to inform the kids of San Jose about the ease, safety and convenience of taking public buses and trains.

1999 Final Choice: America Struggles with the Right to Die. Produced by Ant Hill Productions, Pam Rorke Levy, Producer. Edited this 1-hour production for the Commonwealth Club of California and KQED. An intense and comprehensive look at the ongoing national debate concerning the legal rights of people suffering from terminal illness and their access to physician assisted suicide.

1998-9 Living with Lupus. Produced by Mosaic Productions. Broadcast on PBS. Edited this 30-minute “story” of two young women recently diagnosed with Lupus, and their efforts to understand the emotional and medical realities of this disease. They travel by RV to visit the homes of people in California, Nevada and Arizona, all living with Lupus. Marcia Raymond and Karin Mellberg are attempting to discover how these courageous people deal with lives touched by this serious and sometimes terminal chronic disease. The Charles Osgood narrates.

1997 Dreaming Dreams: Amelia Earhart’s Final Voyage. Produced by IDeA/InCA Productions. Produced for National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution. Editor of this combined live and historical footage based series of programs that tell the fatal, but never completed, last voyage of Amelia Earhart in 1937 from a new point of view.  A Texas Aviator, Linda Finch, restored a 60 year old Lockheed Electra and set out to recreate Earhart’s journey, followed by a Grumman Albatross, an old amphibious flying boat of World War II vintage with a camera crew on board. The film provides an exciting contrast between the two journeys. Amelia, poet and adventurer, flew by instinct with her navigator Fred Noonan. Amelia sent back cables and articles written along the route, until she disappeared. Linda flies an electronically equipped Electra and is followed on the Internet. It is a story of tragedy and triumph. Four different versions of this project were produced for different audiences, a 90 minute version, a 60 minute version, a 30 minute version and a 12 minute version.  

1996 The Free Willy Story: Keiko’s Journey Home.
Produced by EarthViews Productions. Produced for Discovery Channel. Edited this 1-hour story of the amazing life of Keiko, the Orca Whale, who became the star of FREE WILLY, a feature film made in 1992. The documentary follows Keiko’s journey from captivity at the age of two to his rescue and placement in a specially built rehabilitation pool in Oregon fifteen years later. The story reveals the intimacy of Orca mothers and their babies and the amazing intelligence and personality of these magnificent ocean mammals. Keiko tastes seawater for the first time in 15 years when he finally is released into his new home in Oregon. Narrated by Renee Russo. Had highest viewer rating on Discovery to that date.

1995 United Nations 50th Anniversary Celebration. Produced by A Major Production. Produced for MacDougall Creative and the United Nations. Edited three moving, historical montages about the birth and development of the United Nations, used to open the celebrations in San Francisco in 1995.

1994 First Edition.
Produced by Santa Fe Productions. Produced for KQED-TV. Edited a six-part biographical series about living authors and their work including Anna Deveare Smith’s Fire in the Mirror, Mary Higgins Clark’s strange tales, Richard Avedon’s Autobiography in photographs, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, Maurice Sendak’s Rosie and Gore Vidal’s Essays and many more. Hosted by Shari Belafonte. Several 1 hour programs.

1994 Our Fragile Fortress.
Produced by InCA Productions. Produced for KTEH. Edited this 1-hour commemorative documentary on the contributions of Louis Pasteur to the world of preventative medicine and the challenges of combating epidemics due to new strains of disease, people’s non-compliance with treatment, and failure to inoculate their children.

1992-93 The Heart of Healing: Remarkable Stories of How We Heal Ourselves
. Produced by InCA Productions for Turner Broadcasting. Edited three – 90 minute programs telling the stories of a fascinating variety of individuals and groups world wide that have experienced healing and remission from diseases and disorders of many different kinds. Taped in Asia, Africa, Europe, and all over the U.S. Host and narrator was Jane Seymour. This also became an eight part series sold through Time-Life Video along with a series book.
1991 The Mini-Dragons: Hong Kong. Produced by InCA Productions for Maryland Public Television. Edited the “Hong Kong” hour of a four part series for Maryland Public Television about the economies of the four fastest growing economic centers in Asia, including Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. The Hong Kong show focuses on the dramas of four individuals during the period leading up to the transfer of Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997. There are scenes of daily from the harbors of Hong Kong to its movie studios to the workshops and boomtown of Shen Szhen on the Mainland.

1987 Trackdown: Prisoners on the Street. Produced by New Screen Concepts for CBS. Edited this 1-hour show, one of the first reality television shows produced, following individuals who had broken parole, documenting their capture by law enforcement officers. Hosted by Avery Brooks.

1984-86 Tarlovsky-Grossman Films. Production and post-production of corporate medical and educational films.

1983 He Makes Me Feel Like Dancing. Produced by Edgar J. Scherick Associates, Scott Rudin, Executive Producer, for NBC Project Peacock. Co-editor of this 1-hour special for NBC that looked at a year in the life of the National Dance Institute and its creator Jacques D’Amboise. This documentary deals with Jacques D’Amboise’s love of art and hard work and the commitment of the children and adults in one year’s effort to produce a show. This project won the Oscar and several Emmys (including Charlotte Grossman for editing), the Peabody, Christopher and many other awards.

1980-83 Trailers for Feature Films. Eleuthrya Editorial. Edited trailers for: The Deerhunter, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (remake), Yanks, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Chapter Two, Butch and Sundance—The Early Years, Eye of the Needle, and many more
1979 The Hobbs Case. Alan Coulter (Hollywoodland, Sopranos, Rome) directed this 40-minute dramatic film as his directorial debut. Filmed by Lloyd Freidus. Starring Guy Boyd. Edited by Charlotte Grossman.

1977-79 The Body Human Series. Produced by MedCom Productions for CBS Special Features. Edited Bionic Breakthrough, The Living Code; The Loving Process (parts 1 & 2). Grossman was one of a three-editor team that cut two 1 hour segments for the series. She was also responsible for editing two half-hours hosted by Linda Gray on male sexuality for this series. She received sole credit and was nominated for an Emmy for this program. This was a very personal look at doctors, their patients and modern technology in medicine.

1976 It’s Tough to Make it in this League.
Produced by Filmpower for ABC Sports. Edited this 1-hour documentary about the career path from high school to pro-football into retirement. Football action, like dance, can be edited into powerful montages. This documentary is an investigative look at the realities of the career of football from babyhood through the Over-the-hill -Gang of middle aged guys playing hurt for the Redskins. The use of NFL slow motion and extreme close up photography highlights the often-painful aspects of a life dedicated to violent yet controlled physical movement by professionals and amateurs alike. 

1972-74 ABC Sports Specials
--The Lady is a Champ--Women in Sports. Produced by ABC Sports for ABC Sports. Edited these first two specials for ABC Sports about women and their sports careers. Each show is an hour-long special highlighting sports from tennis to swimming to cross-country eventing to skiing. Hosted by Billy Jean King and Diana Shore. Produced by the first woman producer at ABC Sports, Eleanor Riger.



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